Formerly Gateway Virtual Academy

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What we Offer

Live Classes

Live classes are offered to students in grades 2 -12. Students attend classes live, four days a week, learning from their teachers and collaborating with their classmates, experiencing a “real” classroom setting.


The self-paced learning option is offered for all grades. With this option, students can work at their own pace with the guidance of the Learning Coach and can finish before or after our normal 10-month school schedule. Students have up to 12 months to complete their courses. Extensions are an option for a fee. 

Although Self Paced students do not attend live classes and are guided by their Learning Coach, teachers offer support, answer questions, hold live meetings when requested for further assistance with the course material, and grade student work. 


There’s more…..

Our students don’t skip a beat, with live conducted science experiments, debates, writing competitions, research papers, social events like Islamic Jeopardy, Spelling Bees, Talent shows, Social Club, Multi-Cultural day, and more!

Academic Resources

Our choice of curricula has incorporated national standards for grades K-12 and is Aligned with Common Core. Our Curriculum offers Math, Social Sciences, Science, English, and Elective courses for grades K-12. Our students have access to their personal digital curriculum accounts, from where they have access to their courses. This account is what the student needs in order to complete his coursework and assessments.

Teachers make the up-most effort to assure that concepts that go against Islamic beliefs are not taught in our lessons. Our curriculum is a pre-designed digital platform, therefore parents should be aware that the course-ware includes concepts that go against Islamic beliefs. Teachers will point out prior to assigning homework when the student should take caution and at times skip a particular section found in the lesson.

Annual Testing

We administer formative assessments quarterly to measure our student’s learning and growth. We use IXL diagnostic assessments and nationally recognized standardized assessments.