Formerly Gateway Virtual Academy

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons to consider providing home education to your child through Gateway Visionary Academy, here are a few:

  • Enjoy the benefit of monitoring your child’s learning experience. Remember every parent will be questioned about his flock, and he should take caution in what environment that he allows his child to learn in.
  • Is your child in elementary and while you desire for them to learn from the comfort of your home, you are also concerned about lack of socialization? With Gateway Visionary Academy your problem is solved. Live classes are offered to our elementary students. 
  • Concerned about allowing your child to attend a school in a non- Islamic environment, but don’t feel qualified to teach? Gateway Visionary Academy provides qualified teachers to educate your child.
  • Are you tired of your child coming home from school unhappy because of bullying? Allow your child to attend school in the comfort of your home, while you insure that he/she is in the best learning environment that allows him to concentrate on his/her studies, and not be affected by negative experiences.
  • Do you notice that your child is losing his Islamic identity in his current school? Gateway Visionary Academy’s core value is to provide education to our students in an Islamic environment promoting Tarbiya and Taqwa above all else.
  • Do you travel during the school year, due to work or other reasons and you don’t have the time to educate your child? Enroll your child and give her the opportunity to receive quality education on the road.
  • Are you facing overpriced tuition fees at your child’s current school? We have you covered with affordable education.