Formerly Gateway Virtual Academy

What is Gateway Visionary Academy?

We believe that every child can learn if given the right environment, dedicated staff and support! GVA provides a safe learning environment where students can thrive without compromising their morals and beliefs.

With an experienced administrative team to provide students the resources needed to learn online without hiccups. To qualified teaching staff to drive students to utilize “deeper thinking” skills and student led learning methods that encourages them to be a part of and believe in their learning, GVA has alot to offer! 

Our Head of Learning and Support Department is there to develop learning paths for our students allowing them to “see” what is required of them to be promoted throughout the years, and finally receive a diploma.

To ensure that our students are receiving quality education, we provide them with a robust curriculum. Our curriculum keeps up with national standards so that our students don’t skip a beat and can learn similar to their counterparts in other institutions. From online assessment tools, engaging activites, student discussions, virtual labs, science experiements and more, students are receiving rigorous learning!

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