Formerly Gateway Virtual Academy


Gateway Visionary Academy is a K-12 online Islamic school for families around the world. We provide an Islamic alternative to parents who do not wish to send their child to public schools, who can not afford local Islamic schools and to those parents who struggle to educate their child on their own. By the blessings and grace of Allah, we are proud to say that we will be commencing our 5th year as an established educational institute, but this has not always been an easy road. Your generous donations to keep our school running will go towards the financial needs of the school that exceed our budget, such as:

  • annual accreditation fees with Advanced
  • accreditation Readiness Review fees with AdvancedEd
  • platform fees used for our live classes
  • programs and resources for our students to enhance their online learning experience
  • and most importantly, salaries for our qualified and dedicated staff members.

The school does not receive funding or donations at the moment and relies on tuition. However, tuition does not come near to covering the school’s financial obligations as we would like to keep the tuition affordable for all. May Allah reward you immensely for your donations and may it be a means of perpetual rewards for you.

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (ra), that the Prophet (saw) said: And Allah will aid His slave so long as he aids his brother (muslim)