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Gateway Virtual Academy is excited to announce that Gateway teachers will nominate a Student Of The Month and Student Of The Year. Student Of The Year will be announced at the End Of The Year Ceremony.

Our hopes are to award individual students who express value in academic success, as well as awareness of student participation and devotion to the Gateway Academy Virtual Community.

Criteria for nomination for SOTM and SOTY:

Student of the Month/Year Criteria/ Guidelines:

*Displays excellent character in the classroom

*Outstanding behavior/Speech towards others

*Positive attitude towards others/learning

*Good citizenship throughout the month/year

*Demonstrates responsibility

*Respectful to peers/teachers

*Follows classroom/school rules and expectations


Monthly Winners 2015/2016 School Year:


Hanifah Abdul-Latif (Grade 6): Extremely organized, excellent participation and attentiveness during class. Punctual and excellent job in terms of academics.

Ismail A. Mumin (Grade 3): Very well behaved and attentive during class. Excellent academics and has shown very good participation.

Hadya Bahra, G9 for excellent academic performance, active participation in classroom activities and timely submission of homework.  
Umar khan, G7 for academic excellence, active involvement in classroom discussion and urge to perform well in all assignments given.


Amatullah Rashad (grade 5): Her courteous behavior toward teacher and classmates, remarkable kindness in encouraging other to speak or participate and consistent hard work in class.

Hanifa Abdul-Latif (Grade 6): Of her participation in class, composed behavior toward classmates and teacher, as well as persistence in learning.

Taqwa Bahra (Grade 7): Of her great sense of humor, classwork/homework is always turned in on time, engagement with the lessons taught, participates in class with understanding and depth. She is a wonderful student and a pleasure to have in class.

Asadullah Mustafa (Grade 8): Of his great workmanship and participation in class, turning his assignments in a timely manner and his firm grasp on his classwork, homework assignments and lessons taught.


Muhammad Asim A-Haadi: (Grade 6) for his excellent participation in class and being active during the lessons and for his respectful manners towards his class mates and teachers.
Surayyah Hill: (Grade 3) for her excellent participation in class and being active during the lessons and for her respectful manners towards her class mates and teachers.

Nusaibah Abdul-Hakeem: (Grade 8) – For being a great participant in the classroom, her urge to understand each topic, turning assignments on time and for her great performance in the assessments.

Munirah Abdul-Muhaimin: (Grade 9) – For her active involvement in the classroom, engagement with every lesson taught, timely and nicely solved homework assignments and for her consistent performance in assessments.



Ismail Mumin (3rd Grade): for overall good behavior, manners, attendance and work ethic.

Hafsah Rashad(3rd Grade): for overall good behavior, manners, attendance and work ethic.

Nusaibah Abdul- Hakeem (Grade 8): overall excellent behavior, attitude and work ethic.

Sumaya Uthmaan (Grade 9): hard work, dedication to do her best even when she finds it difficult. Asking for help and not upset to take feedback and try even harder.


HONOR ROLL​ 2015/2016:

Quarter 1:

All A Students Shine:
Ziyyad Abdul-Aziz: 1st grade
Surayyah Hill:3rd grade ​
Ismail Mu’min: 3rd grade
Amatullah Rashad: 5th grade​

All A & B Students Shine bright!

Juwariyah Mu’min: 1st grade
Abdur-Rahman Rashad: 1st grade
Nadirah Reid: 1st grade

Zayd Abdul-Aziz: 3rd grade
Hafsah Rashad: 3rd grade
Anne Sonner: 3rd grade

Ahmad Abdul-Latif: 4th grade
Tarek Awadh: 4th grade
Aisha Awadh: 4th grade

Muhammad Abdul-Haadi: 6th grade

Hajar Hamammi: 7th grade
Umar Abdullah Khan: 7th grade

Nusaibah Abdul-Hakem: 8th grade

Munirah Abdul-Muhaimin: 9th grade
Masud Benu: 9th grade

Quarter 2:

All A Students Shine

1st Grade: Juwariyah Mumin

1st Grade: Abdur-Rahman Rashad

3rd Grade: Surayyah Hill

3rd Grade: Ismail Mumin

3rd Grade: Anne Sonner

All of the “A & B” Students Shine bright!
4th Grade: Ayesha Sanfo
5th Grade: Amatuallah Rashad
6th Grade: Hanifa Abdul-Latif
7th Grade: Hajar Hammami
9th Grade: Munirah Abdul-Muhaimin
9th Grade: Masud Benu
9th Grade: Sumaya Uthmaan


Persuasive Essay Writing Competition 2014/2015- 

We are excited to announce Gateway Virtual Academy’s first ever Annual Essay Writing Competition open to all GVA students. Grab hold of your thinking caps and writing pens dear students, as the prizes are really worth the write. Please find competition details as below.
Contestant levels –    Category 1 – 4th and 5th graders
                                           Category 2 – 6th and 8th graders

Topic– Persuasive essay on any of the following issues:  

  • ” Why all Muslim Foreigners ( Outside of a Muslim Country) should be able to live in Saudi Arabia”
  • ” Islam is the only way of life “
  • ” Why all women should wear Hijab”
  • ” Why one should choose only Righteous Friends”
Deadline for Submissions: 
All entries must be in the form of a typed word document(.doc)and must be submitted on or before May 31, 2015.
  • Essay must be a Persuasive Writing ( refer to the Persuasive Writing Definition)
   PERSUASIVE WRITING is defined as presenting reasons and examples to influence action or thought. Effective persuasive writing requires a writer to state clearly an opinion and to supply reasons and specific examples that support the opinion.
  • Category 1 – 4th and 5th grade Essay must be from 100 words to 200 words 
  • Category 2 – 6th and 8th grade Essay must be from 200 words to 300 words

Winners will be awarded during our End Of the Year Ceremony!


We Are excited to announce that Gateway Virtual Academy will host the 2014/2015 End Of the Year Graduation and Promotion Ceremony. Family and friends are welcome to attend and help us recognize and congratulate the students of Gateway Virtual Academy for their hard work and dedication!

When: June 17, 2015

Time: 8:00 am CST

Where: WizIQ live


– Director’s Address

– Special guest- Qari Ahmed Werah ( Recitation of the Quran)

– Student Awards

– Teacher Of The Year Announcement

– Student Of the Year Announcement

– And more

Gateway Virtual Academy LLC. is glad to announce our 2014/2015 student and teacher of the year.

Student Of The Year- 8th grade Munirah Abdul-Muhaimin

Teacher Of The Year- Ustadah Hiba Taha

2014/2015 Annual Persuasive Essay Competition Winners:

5th grade Muhammad Abdul-Hadi on “Why one should choose Righteous Companions”

6th grade Hajar Hammami on ?Why Islam is the only way of Life”

Any entry submitted after the deadline will be considered invalid.


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  • October 23, 2017Art Competition Winners
  • November 7, 2017Quarter 1 Exams
  • November 8, 2017Quarter 1 Exams
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