Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

1. Do I have to have a Computer?

Yes, all students must have a computer in excellent working condition to assure the best learning experience, along with high quality headsets, a virus protector and a webcam.

2. Does all classes take place online?

Yes, all courses are conducted online.

3.What program will the school use to teach?

Gateway Virtual Academy LLC. uses Blackboard Collaborate as our Virtual Platform .
Gateway Virtual Academy, LLC. Also offers training on the program at the beginning of each Academic year. Gateway Virtual Academy, LLC. uses Accelerate Education as our curriculum provider. Accelerate has incorporated every state’s learning Standard for grades 2-11 in order to insure that students master state requirements.

4. Will my child receive a Report card/Transcript ?

Yes, at the end of the year students receive report cards. Transcripts are available upon request.

5. Is there additional cost for After School tutoring and electives?

After-School Tutoring is offered to GVA students when their teacher notices continuous academic weaknesses in a subject or topic.

Electives are of no cost to GVA students. However, students outside of GVA incur a tuition cost for elective classes.

Additional fees are charged for the After-school reading program for struggling readers.

6. Will my child interact with his teacher and classmates?

Our teachers teach live and interact with students daily, during each class. Students interact during classes with their classmates. Students participate in group activities and Socialization is encouraged for students of the same gender where applicable.

7. Do I have to purchase books?

A digital textbook fee is required each academic year  for each student in the amount of $200. The deadline for this fee is found on our registration page.

8. Who Are Gateway Virtual Academy LLC.’s teaching staff?

Gateway Virtual Academy, LLC. Employs experienced, dedicated teachers who share in our vision for Tarbiyyah, Islamic Cultivating through education. Our Teachers hold Bachelors at the least  and are required to have teaching experience. We currently meet the staffing requirements for *Private schools for the State Of Missouri.

9. Is Gateway Virtual Academy, LLC. Accredited?

To learn about our current status click on the following link

10. I am required to report my child’s schooling to my state, how do I go about this?

You should keep records of the following:  report cards; transcripts; school projects; reports etc. Many of our parents whom are required to report to their state, have past reviews with the previously mentioned records kept.




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