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What we Offer:

Gateway Virtual Academy  offers live, interactive classes, instructed by experienced teachers. Students attend  classes live, five days a week, collaborating with their teachers and peers, experiencing a “real” classroom setting. Students are assigned homework and classwork that they complete in their very own digital curriculum account. Our students don’t skip a beat, with live conducted Science Experiments, Presentation, Debates, Writing Competitions, Research papers , Semester exams and more. Students are inspired and motivated to reach their full potential and are assisted from the beginning of the Academic Year until the end, from teachers and staff.

Academic Resources:

Gateway Virtual Academy, LLC. choice of curricula has incorporated every states learning standards for grades 2-11 and are Aligned with Common Core. Our Curriculum offers Maths, Social Sciences, Science, English, and Elective courses for grades 2-11. Our students have access to their personal digital account, from where they have access to their lessons that were taught in class.  This digital text is comparable to an actual textbook, and is what the student needs in order to complete their homework and revise for assessments and exams.

Gateway Virtual Academy LLC. staff and teachers make the up-most efforts in assuring that concepts that go against Islamic beliefs are not taught in our live classes. Our Implemented Curriculum is a pre-designed digital platform, therefore parents should be aware that the course-ware includes concepts that go against Islamic beliefs that maybe found in their lessons. Teachers will point out prior to assigning homework, when the student should take caution and at times skip a particular section found in the lesson.

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2nd Grade:

3rd Grade:

4th Grade:

5th Grade:


6th Grade:

Grade 7:

Grade 8:


Gateway Virtual Academy is excited to announce that we are opening our High School division for the academic year 2015/2016. In keeping with our mission statement, we aim to offer a substantial and academically rigorous high school program meeting the Islamic needs of our students whilst balancing this against a curriculum that prepares our students for college and beyond.

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Grade 9:

Grade 10:

Grade 11:


Arabic and Quran classes are offered to all Gateway Virtual Academy Students on a first come first serve basis. Parents are required to choose either Arabic or Quran for their child upon registration. Once 13 seats are filled in each course, the courses will no longer be available.

Quran Classes Overview:


Course Material: Qaaidah Noorania

This is a beginners course and will consist of learning the Science of Tajweed. The Student will learn how to identify the Arabic Alphabets read and properly pronounce each letter from its place of articulation. The Student will also learn rules that accompany this science and upon completion your will begin reading from the mushaf.

Hifz Al Quran:

In this course students have the option to memorize any of the following parts (ajazza) of the Quran: Juz 26 – Juz 30. Students will read assigned portions to their instructor and be corrected on any mistakes. Students will be assigned portions to memorize at home and will be assessed on their memorization in class.

Pre-requisite- Must be able to read Quran with proficiency and with minor mistakes.

Arabic Classes Overview:

Arabic for beginners 

Course Material: I love Arabic Book 1  file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/I%20love%20Arabic%20SB1.pdf

Course Description:

In this class students will learn :

  • The necessary skills for reading and writing the language
  • Recognition of Arabic letters in their isolate form
  • Formulation of letters in their written isolate form, with clear arrows to indicate the correct writing direction
  • The three short vowels: fatha, kasra and damma
  • The recognition and formulation of letters in their joined forms
  • Nunation (al-tanween)
  • The three long vowels (al-madd)
  • Al-sukun
  • Al-shadda
  • The sun and moon letters (al-huruf al-shamsiyyah wa’l-qamariyyah), and their associated rules
  • Al-alif al-maqsura
  • Al-hamza

Arabic Level 2:

Course Material: I Love Arabic 2  I love Arabic Book 2  file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/I%20Love%20Arabic%20SB%202.pdf

Students will learn past and present tense verbs, with plenty of opportunity for practice. Each point of grammar is reinforced through sample conversations that offer the student the chance to use the language in a meaningful context and develop confidence in self-expression

The Arabic Course meets the Foreign Language requirement for High School Students.

Classes are offered via Blackboard and the following items are required for each course:

-High speed internet connection

-Computer/Laptop for each student

-Quality Headphones with noise cancelling and Mic.

-Webcam ( for younger students)

-Computer virus protection (i.e Avast.)

See Technical Requirements here :